Best (and Most Eclectic) Radio DJ (2008)

Peter Bochan

Like all WBAI (home of "HelSCREEEEeeeeeeeecc ccciiiiooonkkkkkk—lo?" "Please, caller, turn down your radio!") personalities, Peter Bochan free associates and muses into the mic while spinning out his weekly All Mixed Up gig (10 a.m. to noon, Mondays, 99.5 FM). An aural cubist, Bochan shuffles together all genres of music, along with interviews, film clips, and speeches spliced from celebrity and political sound bites. One week, Leadbelly, Laurel and Hardy, Bobbie Gentry, and Taj Mahal drive down an Ol' Dixie theme, while another Monday morn brings the unlikely harmonic convergence of Curtis Mayfield segueing into Björk and Nancy Sinatra. As Quentin Crisp once related on the show: "You have to work hard to understand the radio." It's worth the effort.


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