Best Appalachian hardcore band (2008)


So you missed Jim & Jenny and the Pinetops' last whirlwind tour through town, and no matter how you work it, you simply cannot justify flying down to Louisville (that's pronounced LOU-AH-vul, dear) to see crotchety old Tom Waits. So what's a lover of insurgent bluegrass and/or wonky sorta-pop to do? Why, take yourself to see the sexiest Appalachian hardcore (or hardcore Appalachian) band north of the Mason-Dixon line. That would be O'Death, of course. Combining influences as diverse as Sonic Youth and old Civil War gospel, with sweet ukulele-driven melodies and testosterone-soaked post-teen-angst punk energy, their self-released CDs have so far failed to capture either their true sound or their furious punk energy. But live—well, if your idea of a good time is a crowd of folks moshing to the sound of banjo feedback and Savage Republic drumming, then live O'Death is your cup of moonshine. And while I've yet to so much as tongue-kiss any of these fine gents, after some of their boozy, high-octane live shows I've been sore tempted.


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