Best Arcade (2008)

Coney Island's gaming houses

In addition to the well-publicized porn-shop closures, a great casualty of the Times Square renovations lay in the loss of many a scummy, seedy, splendid arcade. But now, phoenixlike, a new generation of amusement parlors have risen in their place. And they aren't any fun. At Broadway City you can buy the win tickets traded in for prizes. Have they no shame? But for those who ask, Ou sont les arcades d'antan? take the F or N train to the end of the line and bask in the rickety, ramshackle delights of Coney Island's gaming houses. Scattered on and off the boardwalk, these diminutive pleasure palaces proffer pinball, Skee-Ball, and video games unglimpsed since Pac-Man gave way to the Missus and Nintendo lay yet undreamed.


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