Best Art Organization Centered Around Recycling (2008)

Analogous Projects

Throughout its five-year history, the not-for-profit group Analogous Projects has instituted some fascinating activities, corraled by executive director Marie Evelyn. For Scrapcycle, AP asked competing participants to craft instruments from discarded materialsthe winner made a wind instrument from tissues, cardboard tubing, and a plastic bag. For NoPurchaseIsTheNecessary, a prize hunt was initiated when 100 buttons were scattered around a five-block area of Williamsburg, with notices going out online and participation only known through the photos and e-mails received back (some items still await claiming). Then theres iTalkLikeArtCriticsThink, consisting of an art booklet and sound-art cassette distributed by shop-placing (hiding them on store shelves) and plant-pocketing (the opposite of pickpocketing). Theres also the Bread collage, consisting of 779 expiration-date tabs for breadwhen enough people whose birthdays corresponding to the tab date send in e-mails, AP will sell the artwork to benefit an agricultural program in Africa.

Location Details

30 Waterside Plaza
New York NY 10010


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