Best Back-Alley Church Bingo Night Run By Manly Hispanic Women (2008)


Bingo, they say, is America's favorite number game. The city boasts a variety of parlors, though none are as relaxed, gritty, and downright confusing as this one: At 7 p.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday under the fluorescent lights of the OUR LADY OF SORROWS cafeteria, boards are cheap ($1), steamed hot dogs are too ($1), and the jackpot runs over $400. And for beginners, proctors like Annette couldn't be sweeter. But one can't help ask why the players are all chunky women with thick mustaches. "They look like lesbian gym teachers from hell," my companion said. No matter. The real fiasco, players claim, is that the number callers have been fixing the balls and feeding family members numbers. "Fix! Fix!" a few of the ladies often yelp in protest. To watch them, duck under the small "bingo" sign at 101-103 Pitt Street, head down the alley, and take a left at the big Jesus. Look for mini-shopping carts parked out front.


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