Best Band-Initiated Package Shows that Avoid the Usual Promoter Crap (2008)


Last year, when Adam Schatz was booking his experimental pop group War Canoes at the Knitting Factory, he came up with an interesting idea: Instead of having everyone stream in and out for their favorite band and get bored between sets, why not provide some entertainment throughout? Thus, Zombieville began. The usual format is three bands with a house band or performer doing 20-minute sets in between. These fill-ins have included comedian/raconteur Reggie Watts, a banjo-bass duo called the Two Man Gentlemen Band, and the MK Groove Orchestra, a 14-piece psychedelic band. Schatz has booked monthly shows at the Tank and Southpaw (and the Knit) featuring electronics wizard/composer Tristan Perich and indie-pop phenoms Tall Firs. And where most promoters dont even show up to their own gigs, Schatz provides cookies for early attendees and pies for the bands during sound-check (free beer and other food groups not included, though).


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