Best Band to Belong on Mars (2008)


Just the stage setup of the electronic pop trio ZIA makes it clear these brainy earth babes are coming from a galaxy far, far away. And now they've got a boy, too: Geeky goth kid Matt Dallow recently joined "Blue Liz" Lysinger and founder Elaine Walker, who serves as president of the New York City Chapter of the National Space Society. Zia craft Hefty bags and duct tape into sexy stage wear, and use keyboards, pre-programmed drums, and various synthesized noises to jet-propel their songs about the big bang theory, supernovas, and being misunderstood for reading space zines. To trigger sounds, they hit rigged-up circuit boards or the buttons on some kind of homemade guitar . . . thing. When not appearing at an NYC nightclub, they wow crowds at science-fiction and space conventions around the country.


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