Best be(a)st (2008)

Taylor Mac

Sure, you could call Taylor Mac a drag artist. But though he dons the occasional gown or tutu (and looks lovely in them), it's not really ladies he's aping. Rather, Taylor Mac does fish drag, flag drag, alien drag, monster drag. As he says in his artist statement, he believes people "are hateful and wonderfully loving, greedy and giving, scared witless and tremendously brave in our intelligence: all at the same time. We are not just men and women, not just black and white, old and young, rich/poor but a combination of them all." He attempts to represent all of that on his own body. A recipient of P.S.122's Ethyl Eichelberger Award, Mac crafts plays and performance-art pieces that are fantastical pop-culture pastiches about the gentrification of Coney Island or explorations of the war on terror. In his current performance, he's playing perhaps the most surprising thing of all: straight. In The Young Ladies Of at Here Arts Center, he plays his father, Lt. Robert Mac, stationed in Vietnam, as well as all the women who answered Mac senior's ad requesting lovelies ages 19 to 26 as pen pals.


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