Best Brooklyn noise-rock record that won't offend your parents (2008)

Oneida's Happy New Year

The crazed, challenging, avant-garde sounds emanating from Brooklyn these days—check out a few of promoter Todd P's shows for a quick audiovisual primer, and bring earplugs and goggles—make for inspiring, exhilarating stuff, but it's not exactly suitable for headphones, the beach, or the boudoir. Or your folks. For an outstanding but warmly accessible window into this oft hostile, screeching-feedback world, consider Oneida's Happy New Year, this year's breakout release from Brooklyn's finest and wisest, an occasionally mutating trio of day jobbers with goofy aliases like "Fat Bobby" and (the since departed) "Double Rainbow." Equally psychedelic and pastoral, chaotic and catchy, its 11 tracks gleefully mess with your head without totally stomping on it. Tunes like the murmuring "Distress" work great as lullabies for exceptionally gifted children, while the relentless, hypnotic "Up With People" deserves consideration as the anarchist dancefloor smash of the year. The last track, actually, is called "Thank Your Parents"; maybe this time they'll actually thank you.


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