Best Chance for NY Radio In Ages (2008)


Hey, I miss Jammin' Oldies too. But from the first rotations in 1998 of the Neptunes' break-out, Noreaga's "Superthug," Hot 97 has been the only New York station playing music that's genuinely exciting. With a playlist narrower than Jay Z's smile, the trailblazer is ripe for a challenge, and POWER 105 has stepped up. So far the newcomer offers only modestly more variety, but it does have Flavor Flav traffic reports and no funky Flex "remixes." Worst-case scenario:You only have to wait 20 minutes to hear "Hot in Herre" again. Last month, the rivalry apparently led to a physical confrontation between Flex and 105 defectee Steph Lover; hopefully in the future both sides will confine their jousting to activity protected by the First Amendment.


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