Best Church To Worship At When The Others Won't Have You Back (2008)


Churches are notorious bastions of exclusivity, conformity, and conversion . . . but not the MIDDLE COLLEGIATE CHURCH. This is the ideal place to worship the Lord if you also happen to worship same-sex sex (merely one example). Which is to say senior minister Reverend Gordon Dragt actively promotes an open environment for a broad community of what he labels "dechurched" people—people who had negative experiences that caused them to cease churchgoing. The tech-oriented church has AIDS outreach programs, supports non-military solutions to war, maintains ties to organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, and even had a float in the pride parade. The result is a diverse urban sideshow of religiosity—a Coney Island of the Lord, in the best of ways.

Location Details

50 E. Seventh St.
New York NY 10003


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