Best Club to Relive That Obnoxious Coked-Up '80s Vibe (2008)


The boring facade at the PARK doesn't really tip you off to the faux glamorous people on the inside, and if you walked right by without going in, you wouldn't miss anything. The wood and fur-rug interiors, and especially the over-the-top V.I.P. room's bathroom sink (made to look like a giant penis with balls), will give you Miami Vice flashbacks. The patrons consist of ugly, presumably rich, middle-aged men in blazers and T-shirts mingling with overly made-up twentysomething Lizzie Grubman wannabes, all clutching those annoying under-the-arm mini-purses. It's like all the popular people you hated in high school congregating at some overpriced venue, thinking they're fabulous.

Location Details

118 10th Ave.
New York NY 10011


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