Best display of patriotism (2008)

National Theater of the United States of America

There's nothing terribly jingoistic about the National Theater of the United States of America. Indeed, in communistic fashion, members of this theater company work as a collective, collaborating on the writing, directing, acting, and designing of their own intensely original work. How very un-American! Or is it? As their modest and unassuming mission statement proclaims, "We, the people of the National Theater of the United States of America, taking our forefathers at their word, hereby forge a true democracy, a uniquely collaborative effort to bring you, the people, our collective vision." Happily, their politics have resulted in five inimitable works, including Placebo Sunrise, What's That on My Head?!?, and most recently, Abacus Black Strikes Now!:The Rampant Justice of Abacus Black, a punkish jumble of crusader tales and Old West Americana. Their plays explore history, philosophy, and performance—intellectual pursuits effectively alleviated by lots of knockout design and heavy-footed dance numbers. NTUSA, we salute you.


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