Best documentarian of New York's indie- rock scene (2008)

Joly MacFie

In about 30 years, when the hipsters of today are all old and tired and thinking that their Yeah Yeah Yeahs records sound better than anything coming out of the 2030s, they'll be thanking Joly MacFie for diligently going out night after night with his video camera to record just about every single band that mattered to their scene—TV on the Radio, Gang Gang Dance, !!! (Chik Chik Chik), Deerhoof, and, yes, Karen O and the boys, to name a few. Taping bands since 2000 and posting them on his website,, he's covered all the best hole-in-the-wall spots from Brownie's to Grasslands to Don Pedro's. When Tonic faced eviction for the first time in 2005, he was there recording it with his camera and handing out yellow "Save Tonic" buttons he'd made himself. While Tonic now no longer exists, we're grateful MacFie's videos do. Catch Punkcast clips on "NY Noise" on NYC TV or at


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