Best Drumming (and Dance) Circle (2008)

Drummers Grove

The scene: drummers and musicians, dancers (which includes just about anyone who's able), and hundreds of onlookers all swaying to mesmerizing beats and enticing rhythms. This is "kulcha," Brooklyn-style. Men and women, elders, and young people make music with drums—of many kinds and sizes—and with a variety of instruments, from shakers, bells, and xylophones to trumpets and saxophones. Baba Abú, head priest and one of the event's founders, says that people from "all kinds of cultures—Chinese, Orthodox Jews, [and] Africans" come to Drummers Grove on Sundays year-round "until it gets too cold to play." Take the D train to the Parkside Avenue stop; enter Prospect Park at the corner of Ocean and Parkside avenues.


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