Best Excuse To Let A Single Venue Dictate Your Musical Taste (2008)


You could devote yourself to music full-time. You could hit loft parties, WOMEX, and Arts Presenters conferences, and sit through all the acts at Sidewalk. You could log hours Napster-file-sharing and lurking around music listservs. Become a religious reader of every article in CMJ, Global Rhythm, Spin, Vibe, La Banda Elastica, Billboard, and Pollstar. Put in years booking SummerStage. Then maybe you'd know from good music. But JOE'S PUB programming wizards Walter Durkacz and Bill Brigin already run themselves ragged doing all that work for you. And they serve up their well-rounded schedule in Manhattan's best answer to the French boîte.

Location Details

425 Lafayette St.
New York NY 10003


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