best feminist freak (2008)


"Not only were we 20 years ahead, musically, of our time, and revolutionary, spiritually, socially and clothes-wise, but we were girls," quoth modest musician, slutty-dancehall-clothing designer, mother of three, and Brooklyn resident ARI-UP recently in Kitty Magik magazine—and I dare anyone to argue with her Slitty superlatives. These past few years indeed mark the Return of the Giant Slit to the New York club scene. The hugely dreadlocked Ari—known as "Medusa" in Jamaica—puts on reggae performances that showcase not only her indefatigability (she's been going since she was 14), but her proclivity for spouting controversial opinions. As Bratmobile's Allison Wolfe raved, "She's fucking crazy. It was like stand-up comedy mixed with music."


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