Best Fishing Supply Shop in Manhattan (2008)

Capitol Fishing Tackle218 West 23rd Street

Moneymakin' Manhattan isn't the place to find dreamy muddy-water bait shops. The Bronx's City Island (Rosenberger's Boat Livery, 718-885-1843) and Brooklyn's Sheepshead Bay (Stella Maris Fishing Station, 718-646-9754) are the places to go if you want the aroma of live bait at the Popeye end of the spectrum. But Manhattan's got Capitol Fishing Tackle—the metro area's mammoth "cinnamon shop" of fishing. Located along the string of pearls that is the El Quijote, the Chelsea Hotel, and Dan's Chelsea Guitars, Capitol is homey enough, and exotic like only a Manhattan tackle shop could be: Norwegian jigs, Swedish brigg jackets, South African tuna lures, Japanese plugs, and Canadian "Deadly Dicks." Plus the staff is helpful—and endearingly more into fishing than they are into sitting around a store all day.


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