Best Foosball Player (2008)

Billy Vargas

His reputation is near legendary. Many come from far and wide (one even as far as Thailand) to do battle with 22-year-old bartender and foos extremus maximus, Billy Vargas. He claims he can beat just about any player most of the time, and judging from what I've seen, the kid will kick your ass, or at least smash it real hard with a little plastic foot. Vargas plays an excellent pass game, has got lots of trick shots, including "the pull shot" and "the snake," but credits much of his foosocity to simply being good both up front and on defense. Wish him luck as he and his pro-ranked Orlando doubles partner depart for Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, for the World Table Soccer Championship. Or come inquire of the master at one of his favorite foos bars, Down the Hatch


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