Best Foosball Table (2008)

Luna Lounge

Some may argue that table soccer does not a legitimate sport make. But contrary to popular opinion, it requires degrees of speed, agility, and astuteness. A premium well-lit table with smooth rods and proper balancing is also key. After scouring the city for just the right table, Luna Lounge, a nondescript, smoke-filled den on Ludlow Street, beat out the competition. Catering to USTSA (United States Table Soccer Association, for those in the know) aficionados, the Tornado table is strategically spotlighted at the window—far from the boisterous crowd that frequents the bar merely to mingle and get liquored up. It also comes equipped with built-in beer-bottle holders and ashtrays for rabid fanatics who have no time to idle by the bar. If only the managers could do something about the rock concerts in back; they throw off a player's concentration.


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