Best Found Space Appropriated for Art and Music (2008)

Brooklyn Anchorage

Evolving out of past incarnations as a farmers' market, a children's playground, and a storage area for tires, the Brooklyn Anchorage's dramatic, cavelike, under-the-bridge space has been open to the public for music and art shows since 1983; nowadays, blippy, minimal electronic stuff bounces through, sounding the way the bridge might move and talk. Programming has ranged from Southeast Asian breakbeat to Detroit techno to rap to an avant-garde symphony for boomboxes held by a strolling audience. One summery Sunday, the 50-foot vaulted ceilings and strangely holy aura even helped the place find its calling as a grimy, would-be cathedral for gospel singers raising the roof. Production is by Creative Time, a New York public art presenter, so in addition to its July music series the Anchorage also holds summer multimedia exhibitions where musicians collaborate with visual artists. Creative Time can be reached at 206-6674, ext. 251.


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