Best Free Flamenco Show (2008)


Juan walks down the street self-absorbed, counting pennies: He does not notice his feet have become their own master, taking him rhythmically down a flight of stairs, bringing him into a shower of red lights. There is the sound of a defiant guitar, a voice that exudes passion, a beautiful curved body talking with its hands, seducing. For an instant, everyone around him is hushed, bewitched by the movements, the woman's gasps. Olé! The silence is broken. The wooden beams, the barrel-shaped tables, the bar stools, the fruity sangria, and the salty sardines have the unmistakable flavor of gypsy territory. Is it possible he has been transported to his destiny? Not likely. Simply, Juan has landed in the best free flamenco show in town. Nowadays, we see our man quite content, olé-ing in XUNTA every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 11, no longer making impossible budgets that will never materialize.


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