Best Gallery Art Wallpaper (2008)


For years, the kitschy designs of the '60s and '70s have kept wallpaper passé as a non-ironic decor choice. The hapless luxury item was all but laughed out of vogue. But after helping to re-create Syrie Maugham's air-soaked San Francisco bedroom for the pages of House & Garden, including a wall covering with curlicues that look like elaborate potato-prints, STUDIO PRINTWORKS, a firm that shows its designs through Roger Arlington at the D&D building in midtown, got a bright idea based on the fact that producing handmade wallpaper is basically screenprinting on a large scale. That's what got them to pitch the idea to contemporary artists. Their first artist-designed wallpaper came from Japan's Morikami—known mostly for his sperm-spraying action figures on a pink background dotted with eyeballs of different sizes, Mori-kami's decoration mixes cartoon playfulness with paranoia, a style just right for the playroom in John Ashcroft's house.


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