Best Gaming Geek Paradise (2008)


Back when I was a clueless 11-year-old, high schoolers advised me that playing Dungeons & Dragons would make me cool. Foolishly, I listened, and ran to the COMPLEAT STRATEGIST to get my own Monster's Manual, 12-sided dice, and some other archaic tchotchkes mom shoved into storage as soon as my hormones kicked in. Those left untempted by Gina Breuer's sweet smell stayed, and kept on rolling their own paths out of Melnibone. Since opening in 1973, Mike and Danny Kilbert's store has served such closet adventurers very well. The city's undisputed haven for role-players, it stocks fantasy and historical games both new and old, plus accessories, how-to guides, pertinent periodicals—the gaming geek works. They even help find games around town. If they knew any female players, they'd probably make a bundle in the dating racket too. But, alas, this species doesn't yet exist.


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