Best Highbrow Sport (2008)

Lawn Bowling

Although lawn bowling was introduced to America by English colonists in the 17th century, the New York Lawn Bowling Club was founded in Central Park in 1926. Games are played every day, except Mondays, on greens north of Sheep Meadow near the West 69th Street pedestrian entrance. Individuals or two-, three-, or four-person teams earn points or "ends" by the number of bowls that are rolled closest to a small white ball (the jack). Members can participate in club tournaments on Saturdays throughout the May-to-November season. The NYLBC offers free lessons and equipment to prospective members. Club membership costs approximately $106 for annual and national dues, a park permit, and a locker. For information, contact Tony Reynal (289-3245), Charles Crawford (396-2945), or Doug Kingman (787-1335).


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