Best Home-Furnished Environment To Experience Avant-Jazz (2008)


It's a safe bet you're familiar with the quaint, grungy ambience of CBGB, but you may not have ventured into the basement realm of its neighboring step-sibling. After descending the stairs, you find a Salvation Army-quality selection of vintage chairs, couches, tables, and sofas to recline in. If you're wise enough to show up on a Sunday or Wednesday evening, the fruit of experimental music awaits you at the "freestyle jazz" showcase. Hosted by Bush Tetras drummer Dee Pop, this mini-institution is a wonderful stew of seasoned favorites (Roy Campbell, Sabir Mateen) and hungry new blood (Kali Fasteau, Cooper Moore, Whit Dickey) that isn't likely to venture to any uptown establishment anytime soon. Kudos to Mr. Pop for helping prove once again that cutting-edge music isn't always white kids screaming.


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