Best Hotel Experience For The Money (2008)


Anyone who's walked up Fifth Avenue from the Flatiron Building has probably noticed the GERSHWIN HOTEL: It's a fire-engine-red building from the 1920s, with giant flame-like ornaments spiraling up. The lobby loudly welcomes visitors with artwork on every wall, including two original Lichtensteins and a Campbell's soup can signed by Warhol. Every room has a portrait of Picasso. Owner Suzanne Tremblay even plans an artists-in-residence program for 2003. Plus, there's all the usual services: cable TV, voice mail, dry cleaning, yada yada. But an overnight stay costs only $99 to $150 for the regular rooms, or $29.99 for a hostel-style bed.

Location Details

7 E. 27th St.
New York NY 10016


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