Best Indie Jukebox (2008)


Inside a square, red-box building that looks decidedly like a London telephone booth lies dimly lit pub-type bar Boat, where Brooklyn folks gather afternoon and night—lured, no doubt, by a dark and cozy couches-and-sipping atmosphere enhanced by an old-style jukebox filled with indie classics. You get one play for a quarter or four for a dollar from a predominantly mellow selection ranging from Sonic Youth and Joy Division to Sebadoh and Pell Mell. And on any given night, if the choice is all too much, you can wait for any miscellaneous track off various indie compilations to take the stands: Matador Records's Everything Is Nice, for instance, with beauties like Cat Power, Mogwai, Helium, and Pole.

Location Details

175 Smith St.
Brooklyn NY 11201


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