Best Indie Rapper Not Signed To Def Jux (2008)


At most nerd-rap shows, the irregular crew of thugalikes stomping through the crowd and eventually, inevitably, ending up onstage is the Stronghold posse. They're all capable MCs, but C-RAYZ WALZ inevitably sets the crowd aflame. Imagine if Ol' Dirty Bastard was in Organized Konfusion, as likely to clobber you with vocabulary as with conspiracies and sheer erratic attitude. C-Rayz induces smiles, fear, awe, and not a little head-scratching. His latest album, Singular Plurals, collects some exemplary moments from his vast oeuvre of guest appearances and freestyles. But despite the hi-test company on each track, competition is none. Mr. Walz is uncontainable, unpredictable, and unfuckwithable.


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