Best Inexpensive and Informal Movie Theater in Manhattan (2008)

Cinema Classics' Screening Room

CINEMA CLASSICS\\\\\\\' SCREENING ROOM is a little like the basement of an eccentric cinephile uncle\\\\\\\'s house: Cheaply framed movie posters line the bare brick walls, a smudged pull-down screen blocks the back door, and cookies and beer are served in the next room. The programming at Manhattan\\\\\\\'s least pretentious, most utilitarian cinema is as unlikely and eclectic as its furnishings: From Robert Bresson\\\\\\\'s icy The Devil Probably to Atom Egoyan\\\\\\\'s wrenching Exotica to episodes from \\\\\\\'60s TV\\\\\\\'s pulp-modernist masterpiece The Outer Limits, it\\\\\\\'s the perfect setting to fill in the gaps in your moviegoing experience—all from the comfort of a lumpy sofa, and for just $5.50 a ticket.


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