Best Insight Into the Sad Facts of Hitting (2008)

Desi Relaford, Robin Ventura

We learn the most about the things we struggle to master. In a season of hitting woes, the New York Mets have had ample opportunity to reflect upon the mysteries of hitting a small speeding ball with a wooden stick in such a way that none of nine opposing defenders can catch it. After one of the Mets' many disappointing at-bats—utility infielder DESI RELAFORD had lined into a double play—Relaford told Times beat sportswriter Tyler Kepner with admirable insight and felicity: "All you can do is hit it. You can't steer it." Turns out that Mets third baseman ROBIN VENTURA had actually relayed this wisdom. Those guys must have had a lot of time to ponder such matters. For Mets tickets, call 718-507-TIXX, or go to


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