Best Job To Run Into Both Celebrities And Scary Village Wanderers (2008)


Most of the time you'll be dealing with the typical duties of a part-time theater attendant, but every so often, your work at the TWO BOOTS PIONEER THEATER will be made less ordinary by visits from actors Janeane Garofalo, Steve Buscemi (friends of the owners), Susan Sarandon, and Robin Tunney. (Plus, MTV news correspondent Gideon Yago often rents movies at the Two Boots video store.) You can also count on East Village oddities dropping by, sometimes for no particular reason: the ubiquitous person whom you can't figure whether to take for a man or a woman, with thin, mullet-like white hair, now dyed red; the doped-out woman crying hysterically because her doped-out acquaintance cracked a beer bottle over her head. How could it get any better?


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