Best Joint For the Closet Karaoke Addict (2008)

MBC Music Box

Are you a shower-stall showstopper but too timid to warble out Pat Benatar in front of drunk, heckling revelers at your local sports bar? Then grab five of your closest friends and head to MBC Music Box, a karaoke joint ensconced in the middle of Little Korea. MBC rents out private rooms for roughly $7.50 per person, depending on the group size. Each darkly lit enclave has its requisite karaoke machine, along with a sunken black leather couch and a revolving disco ball—a better setting for a late night HBO movie starring Mickey Rourke than for dueting "Surrender." It also has an extensive song list, ranging from Donna White to Great White. If you're one of those grumps who insist you'll just "watch," believe me, by the end of the night, you'll be vying for the remote control to outvibratto Celine Dion. It's sans bar, so sneak in some Budweisers if you want to lubricate your larynx.


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