Best laugh-out-loud video shorts (2008)

Variety Shac

Four women having a potluck. Office workers trying to meet a deadline. A bake sale, a book club, a visit to the local bodega, and a road trip. These may not sound like anything that would make you spit out your drink from laughter, but that's the genius behind Variety Shac, a monthly comedy show performed by Shonali Bhowmik, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, and Chelsea Peretti (whose first initials give the Shac its name). The interplay between the four wacky comics is perfect, with deadpan Peretti explaining why the two-liter soda she's brought to the potluck is all for her or Rosen trying to make the perfect sign to advertise their bake sale. These unscripted shorts allow each woman's unique take on their various outings to shine through, highlighting the ridiculousness of these everyday situations. You can catch them live at their monthly show or online, where they present videos like Workout, where the funny ladies sweat it out to a Jane Fonda classic.


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