Best Literary New York Neighborhood (2008)

Park Slope

With a wealth of new restaurants, bars, and cafés popping up all over Fifth Avenue and stroller gridlock suffocating Seventh, Park Slope may appear as the sister neighborhood to the Upper West Side (minus Zabar's and Fairway). But, what distinguishes the Slope from other gentrified New York neighborhoods is its legacy as the home to countless writers, both established and up-and-coming (not to mention their editors and agents). Here you can see Kathryn or Colin Harrison walking their kids to school or share an egg-and-cheese sandwich with David Grand at Dizzy's. Poke your head into the 2nd Street Café, and you may find yourself seated a table away from Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt. And after attending the weekly readings and signings at the veritable literary epicenter of Brooklyn, the Community Bookstore, drop by Snooky's Pub across the way, grab a beer, and sidle up to Dave Eggers and company.


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