Best (little-seen) rentable movie shot in / about the Bronx (2008)

The Wanderers

The Wanderers, Philip Kaufman's retroactively acclaimed 1979 adaptation of the Richard Price novel, filmed almost entirely in the upper borough, larkily chronicles the life of Italian street gangs circa 1963. Hardly Scorsesian, the film bobbles from violence to goofy shtick, and the various gangs confronted along the way are, although based on real experience as well as mythified rumor, only slightly less surreal than those of Walter Hill's comic-book fantasia The Warriors, which buried Kaufman's film that same year. But it bears the sting of authenticity and a genuine affection for the era, and scores of classic Fordham-to-Baychester locales are captured before urban decay and/or renewal set in. Runner-up: A Bronx Morning (1931), film scholar–poet Jay Leyda's 11-minute avant-gardism, snagging the sights, smells, rhythms and textures of the borough at the beginning of the Depression. Available on the National Film Preservation Foundation DVD More Treasures From American Film Archives, 1894–1931.


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