Best Local Arts Organization (2008)

Creative Time

Theyve been doing it forever now, but Creative Time is still the best arts organization in town. A 2001 rousting from their longtime spot in the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage has proved to be something of a blessing for the group: As nomads, theyve colonized everything from Times Square to MOMA to the Battery Maritime Building. The Creative Time signature is a public-art project thats neither precious nor overbearing. Last year, the nonprofit sponsored Mike Nelsons A Psychic Vacuum, a detailed and expansive labyrinth planted solidly in an unused wing of the Essex Street Market. This year, the groups most high-profile project was David Byrnes Playing the Building, which fused architecture, audience participation, and new music into a dynamic, groaning instrument, housed in yet another beautiful abandoned building. No one else in this city is paying anywhere near as close attention to New Yorks physical, layered splendor; a certain development-mad mayor could take a lesson.

Location Details

59 E. 4th St.
New York NY 10003


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