Best local literary blog (2008)

Light Reading

The name Light Reading is wonderfully evocative but ultimately a misnomer. Though Jenny Davidson's blog often riffs with sprightly authority on page-turners ("Lee Child's Jack Reacher books are the other closest things I've found to the satisfactions of Dick Francis in his prime"), she's equally entertaining and informative on literary fiction, theater, biology, academic life (she teaches 18th-century British literature at Columbia); the creative process (she's working on her second novel, after 2003's Heredity); and seemingly everything else under the sun. An occasional contributor to these pages, Davidson brims with enthusiasm and avoids takedowns when possible—one notable exception being her gentle but decisive deflation of the mad blog love given to David Mitchell's Black Swan Green. (She later noted that "I disliked [it] more than almost any other novel I've read in the last year or so.") Add it to your bookmarks: Light Reading is the perfect complement to NYC-based mainstays Maud Newton and the Literary Saloon.


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