Best local movie blog (2008)

New York–based film bloggers enjoy a monopoly on our bookmarks. The smart, lively IFC Blog ( is our go-to link aggregator, especially useful when we lack the time or energy for the dauntingly comprehensive GreenCine Daily ( But our favorite movie blogs are generally the most idiosyncratic and opinionated, the ones attempting to figure out a blog-friendly model for old-school film crit. We have a soft spot for the freewheeling Termite Art (, staffed by Voice contributors Matt Singer and R. Emmet Sweeney. Matt Zoller Seitz's the House Next Door ( can be counted on for a healthy intensity of discussion and an engaging mix of voices. But we'll give the nod to Dave Kehr, the veteran critic, who has been dispensing pithy opinions—he calls them "random screening notes"—at since last fall. He'll weigh in on Lady in the Water and Monster House but also dissect works by blacklistee-to-be Bernard Vorhaus and the Portuguese "highbrow favorite" Pedro Costa, always with the formidable film-historical smarts and unassuming authority that he brings to his DVD column for the Times. (On Timothy Carey's The World's Greatest Sinner: "one of those rare, treasured movies that leap over goodness directly to greatness." On Miami Vice: "Michael Mann's approach to the humble crime thriller . . . resembles George Stevens's approach to the humble western in Shane.") The blog is an outpost of what Kehr calls "the lost continent of cinephilia," though to judge from the particular passions of the host and his visitors, it may not be lost to everyone just yet.


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