Best local publisher of global mysteries (2008)

Soho Press

Human beings aren't the only immigrants flooding into the nation's most diverse city. Thanks to Soho Press, we're also the melting pot for crime novels set in some of the planet's most intriguing and exotic locales. Issued not so mysteriously from offices on Broadway, the publisher's Soho Crime series features such authors/locales as Qiu Xialong/Shanghai (Death of a Red Heroine, Loyal Character Dancer), Colin Cotterill/Laos (The Coroner's Lunch), and Martin Limon/Korea (Jade Lady Burning). Or stamp your police-procedural passport to Australia, Italy, Japan, Sweden, Pakistan, Israel, France, and Great Britain for a mix of contemporary and historical yarns. Soho Crime also reissues such old favorites as Janwillem van de Wetering's Amsterdam novels. Unusual U.S. locales aren't ignored; check out John Straley's fine Alaskan mysteries, including The Woman Who Married a Bear. For a really unusual locale, there's Jim Cirni's The Kiss Off, set in an airport bar in Queens—which, after all, is the most diverse county in the country.


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