Best Minor-League Baseball (2008)

College of Staten Island

When the Staten Island Yankees move into their new waterfront digs next year, perhaps the Baby Bombers will be able to compete with the closeness and minor-league atmosphere of the Long Island Ducks and EAB Park, as the College of Staten Island is, well . . . Staten Island-ish. Playing in their inaugural season through the last week of September, the Ducks are what minor-league ball is all about. If Long Island's too far, take the Holland Tunnel to the Jersey Turnpike and check out the Newark Bears and their recently completed $34 million Riverfront Stadium, where a man named Canseco has been bashing out long balls all year. That's Ozzie Canseco—Jose's twin brother. Directions: From New York City, take the Southern State Parkway East to Exit 43A, County Road 17 North, and follow signs to the ballpark. Tickets range from $7 to $9; general admission for kids is $5.


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