Best Movie Theater to End It All After Seeing a Dud (2008)

AMC's Empire 25

Forking over $9.50 for a movie that turns out to be awful or enduring someone's thoughtless jabber during one that's good can be a depressing experience. Now there's a convenient way to remedy those blockbuster blues. On the upper levels of AMC's Manhattan monsterplex, the Empire 25, among the maze of one-way escalators and dead-end corridors, are three open-air observation decks. These platforms offer gorgeous views of Midtown and—with their chest-high, rail-less walls—the perfect opportunity to end it all after a particularly bad moviegoing experience. Does the theater's suicide potential worry AMC? "We could have a chain-link fence up around them," claims a company official, "and if somebody's desperate enough they're going to do the deed." It must have slipped his mind that Battlefield Earth opened here.

Location Details

234 W. 42nd St.
New York NY 10036


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