Best Multiproduction Social Club (2008)

Caviar Studios

Not only the "best" but most certainly the only Brooklyn club that can say it houses a recording studio, two bars, two DJ booths, two dancefloors, reggae, house, dancehall, r&b, hip-hop, jazz, ska, VIP rooms, an art gallery, a fine French-Asian-Caribbean kitchen, and more, Caviar Studios is the brand-new baby of the symbiotic marriage of five different production companies. Run by friendly, enterprising people whose motto is "peace, love, and dance," this Fort Greene hot spot is a large, industrial space for events as eclectic as fashion shoots, flea markets, recording projects, dance parties, lesbian nights, and artist production work. Besides being a hip bar and happenin' hangout scene, Caviar is known to serve everyone from famous rap artists to traffic cops to attorneys.


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