Best murder mystery by phone (2008)

Canal Street Station Installation

Bored stiff waiting for your train? If you happen to be at the Broadway–Canal Street subway hub, you're in luck—artist/actor Ryan Holsopple has put together the Canal Street Station Installation in conjunction with the nonprofit arts organization free103point9. If you call the installation's toll-free number at one of the station's 20 to 30 phones, a mysterious woman (actress Tajna Tanovic) will guide you through a mystery, explaining that she might have killed someone and asking you to come find her. You're led through a series of clues (maps, numbered doors, etc.) at the station as you call back to further explore the story's four stages. Soon it becomes a head game as you start to question who the killer really is. Holsopple picked the area because its noir qualities suited the project perfectly: The station is full of stairwells and shadowed corridors and sinister ambience, and it's easy to get lost there. He's pleased that over 600 people have participated so far, and that the game might have also convinced the MTA to clean the phone areas—even though, ironically, the phone service in the station is still spotty, according to advocacy group the Straphangers Campaign.


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