Best Museum to See on Your Lunch Break (2008)

New Museum

It was no accident that the inaugural show at the New Museums new location on the Bowery was called unmonumental. That goes for the building (a silvery, offset, seven-story pile), its ambitious but unfussy curators, and, most of all, the institutions pleasingly ramshackle aura. Leaving the monumentalism to Museum Mile, the New Museum turns a comparatively small amount of exhibition space to its advantage. A street-level entrance, stairs between floors, galleries you dont need a map to navigate, and weekend access to the museums rooftop deck all help make the space feel less like a temple and more like a particularly clean artists studio. As the only major museum in New York wholly committed to contemporary art, the work comes with a tacit institutional acknowledgment that not everything on display is so very precious. Nobody, in other words, will make you feel bad for only staying for 30 or 40 minutesi.e., see something you like, then duck out before exhaustion sets in.

Location Details

235 Bowery
New York NY 10002


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