Best music festival that runs by the sun's rays (2008)

Solar One

Its one thing to have a nice bright day to enjoy a good outdoor show; for Solar One, its a must. For their summer shows, the bands don't have to plug into any outlets to play. At their Stuyvesant Cove Park outpost on the East River, their offices aren't just for administrative work and education workshops: The roof of the building is made up of 80 solar panels, which generate enough juice for the groups. For the past year, this setup has worked well—except for some cloud cover that stopped the last DJ from getting ray power at the end of a concert and a show that was postponed because of rain. (The organization will now have a biodiesel generator in place as a backup for future cloudy-day gigs.) So far, indie mavens like Japanther and Parts & Labor have graced their stage. And though it presently only does a handful of shows each summer, the group hopes to produce year-round events, in the process alerting music fans to environmental issues: wind energy, recycling, and other green initiatives like, you guessed it, solar power.

Location Details

2420 FDR Drive
New York NY 10010


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