Best Mutimedia Space (2008)

Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

It makes sense that Brooklyn Bridge master architect John Roebling once wrote an essay entitled "Roebling's Theory of the Universe." Only the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, a space with its very own cosmology, could make a crowd so joyously endure Glenn Branca's loud-as-hell Symphony No. 12 and the chest-rattling drones of Granular Synthesis's sound-and-video installation as they did at "Creative Time in the Anchorage" last summer. We could've all died happy in that subterranean cathedral, under those warm 40-foot-high arches. . . . Or maybe everyone else just had earplugs. Take the 2 or 3 train to the Clark Street stop or the A or C train to the High Street stop, walk down Cadman Plaza West toward the river, under the BQE overpass, and enter to the right.


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