Best Narnia Portal (2008)

Bellevue Hospital Center

In C.S. Lewis's legendary series of childhood literature, the sixth installment (The Magician's Nephew) features a "Wood Between the Worlds," where many identical pools serve as portals to different worlds. Another book in the series, The Silver Chair, describes an eerie, giant city in the far Northern Marches, beneath which the protagonists get trapped and ultimately discover the center of the earth. Well, the odd, moldy, ivy-covered Corinthian pillars at Bellevue Hospital Center's gated courtyard are sunken into the ground at a strange height and virtually lost in a wilderness of weeds and grass, resembling a forgotten entrance to Al-Khazneh or some such. They bear cryptic markings, but perhaps it's just a hallucination. Still, the way they lean unevenly, there seems to be more underground, as if there were a shadow Gotham those nosy Pevensie kids would find perilous adventure in. The four pillars also cry out: UNDER ME.


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