Best new photography gallery (2008)

Hasted Hunt

Tarah Hasted and W.M. Hunt (longtime co- directors at Ricco Maresca) went out on a limb when they opened their brand-new gallery Hasted Hunt last year, with a survey of pho-tojournalism by VII, the five-year-old agency whose members include James Nacht­wey and Ron Haviv. Since then, they've mounted a series of challenging exhibitions, including Paolo Ventura's uncanny pictures of small-scale dioramas he made re-creating scenes of Italian wartime devastation, and Martin Schoeller's uncanny, larger-than-life portraits of celebrities. Up next (and sure to be provocative): war photographer Christopher Morris's vision, from inside the White House press corps, of a Bush-mad America.

Location Details

537 W. 24th St.
New York NY 10011


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