Best New Record-Geek-Trend Club Night (2008)

Transmission's '80-'81 Post-Punk Revival

There was a moment, about 20 years ago, when good disco and good underground rock were pretty much the same thing. It took a while for the 99 Records-Italian electro-Martin Hannett continuum to come back into fashion, but it's finally hip again. Monday nights at Plant Bar's TRANSMISSION'S '80-'81 POST-PUNK REVIVAL, Dan Selzer spins all that stuff and more. He owns every record with a good bassline ever, he DJs at a volume loud enough to catch the groove and quiet enough to talk over, and aside from the fact that you're not actually allowed to dance, nothing could be more agreeable than to kick back with a drink and "Go Wild in the Country." The first Monday of each month is entirely devoted to DIY 7-inch singles.


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